Technology players

  • Technology companies
  • Software developers
  • Network and telecoms

With the introduction of smart meters that provide real-time energy information to energy users, the White House Green Button initiative that standardizes electricity data for customers, and an increasingly information-rich society, the opportunity for innovative software applications to help manage energy consumption and costs has never been greater.

Developers are already building innovative applications from Green Button data today, and $100,000 in incentives is now in play from the Department of Energy’s “Apps for Energy” competition.

Technology players -- including big tech companies, software developers, and network providers and telecoms -- have a unique opportunity to help define the Energy 2.0 market, and ConnectivityWeek 2012 is providing the venue for this to happen. At ConnectivityWeek, you will:

  • Interact with energy suppliers and consumers to understand the market for innovative energy applications;
  • See real progress and innovation at -- or participate in -- ConnectivityWeek’s first Cleanweb Hackathon;
  • Understand the implications and status of interoperability standards impacting technology development at the Plug-In;
  • Participate in Green Button activities that are shaping consumer energy application development today.