Energy Suppliers/Utilities

Energy 2.0 is coming. The grid is moving from a one-way, supplier-controlled system to a distributed model in which energy “prosumers” are producing their own power, selling energy to the grid, and integrating all-electric vehicles. Information is also democratizing the energy market, giving users more choice and control than ever before.

The role of the traditional utility is changing in the evolving Energy 2.0 market, and the time is now to get on board and collaborate with consumers, government and technology companies to ensure the grid of the future is reliable, stable and secure -- in light of demand-side changes.

ConnectivityWeek brings these groups together and will provide valuable insights for energy suppliers, including:

  • The state of demand response and implications for utilities;
  • A look at real-world energy applications developed for consumers during the Cleanweb Hackathon and various Green Button activities;
  • In-depth Smart Grid discussions on energy policy and regulation, cyber security and interoperability related to Smart Grid at the