Get Plugged In at ConnectivityWeek

Demand-Side Plug-In Builds off Successful Event at Grid-Interop in December

Smart Grid vendors are “walking the walk” and demonstrating real-world applications of Smart Grid interoperability with real-world, meter-to-end-user systems -- illustrating demand-side management (DSM) and demand response (DR) applications across an array of residential and commercial building applications.

In the second Plug-In since December, ConnectivityWeek’s Plug-In will build off the first event to provide the only centralized location where multiple demand-side vendors, electricity suppliers, and energy end-users can unite to present applications of interoperable devices and systems in action.

Organized by Clasma Events, EnerNex, the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP), and the OpenADR Alliance, the this literal show-and-tell of interoperability will cover three key areas:

  • Residential DSM and DR, including innovative green-button and consumer-facing energy management system applications.
  • ‘Small-building’ commercial DSM and DR, including applications and technologies available for small-to-medium size commercial facilities -- including strip malls, big-box retailers, and grocery stores.
  • ‘Large-building’ commercial DSM and DR, including the more complex applications required for tall, multi-tenant office buildings and similar facilities.

If you are interested in attending, please register for ConnectivityWeek.

A full schedule of Plug-In demonstrations will be posted shortly.

Support for the Plug-In is provided by


The Plug-In at ConnectivityWeek is a unique way to participate to show how far Smart Grid implementation has evolved on the demand side of the electric grid.

Be part of the Plug-In

Vendors of connectivity equipment should consider being part of the Plug-In to show their wares. Contact Steve Harvey at Clasma today.

Come see the Plug-In

Attendees at ConnectivityWeek will see first hand the progress made, and speak with implementors of the technology. Register today.

“The standards-based, end-to-end application of interoperability among multiple vendors is not only feasible, but it’s supported by vendors in a competitive marketplace,” said Erich Gunther, Chair, GWAC. “The aim of Plug-In is to demonstrate interoperability successes in a working environment and to provide a literal show-and-tell of standards-based interoperable products and systems today.”