Applying Energy 2.0 to Critical Infrastructure

InfraConn at ConnectivityWeek will explore how connectivity of our basic infrastructure can yield new efficiencies, savings, and value. Whether it’s transportation, urban development, water supply, emergency management, or communications, we rely on infrastructure to enable commerce and life to exist. Without an integrated array of infrastructure provided by various levels of government, it would be difficult to think of life as we know it.

As we look to maximize the efficiency of our cities, utilities, and transportation and communication systems, information and communications technology (ICT) will play a critical role. And as Smart Grids emerge worldwide, the development of “smart cities” will be a direct result of connecting government-owned infrastructure to the grid.

InfraConn topics will include:

  • Transportation systems
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Gas, water & waste
  • Connectivity infrastructure (wired & wireless)
  • Data centers
  • Security
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