As Energy 2.0 emerges, Let's all help define the market

In a world with skyrocketing energy costs, a lack of clean energy supply, and an increasingly information-rich society, a market is born.

Energy 2.0 has potential to provide abundant, clean, affordable energy, resulting from the delivery of real-time automation and analytics across the energy supply chain. But this is only possible with collaboration among technology innovators, energy consumers, electricity suppliers (utilities), and government organizations.

ConnectivityWeek 2012 calls these parties to the table for a collaborative and action-packed event that will define the market for Energy 2.0.

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"Where and How" of Applying Energy 2.0
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ConnectivityWeek is a uniquely inclusive forum and the only event that gathers energy-focused stakeholders from each consumption vertical to explore the application of Energy 2.0 across:

Connectivity will also explore the following critical enablers of Energy 2.0:

New in 2012! ConnectivityWeek will:

  • Explore Green Button efforts to develop smart energy apps for energy consumers -- an effort being drive by the White House
  • Gather local innovators in engaging discussions on the future of energy
  • Continue the successful Plug-In launched at Grid-Interop 2011 to provide a show-and-tell of connected, interoperating devices.
Hear from ConnectivityWeek 2011 Attendees

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Energy 2.0 Roadmap

What’s the 10-year Roadmap for Smart Grid and Energy 2.0? Zpryme Asks, Answers Unveiled at ConnectivityWeek. Read press release.

Green Button Trifecta

Industry-wide Green Button efforts and experts will converge at ConnectivityWeek, see more here

Cleanweb Hackathon

The Hackathon is a first-of-its-kind event to bring software developers and Smart Grid experts together to “hack” -- or, develop -- innovative energy management applications over a two-day period. See more here.

WCA Smart Grid SIG

Join the WCA in a update of the state of Smart Grid standards evolution. Wednesday May 23 at 1:30pm. Click here.

Demand Side Plug-In

Smart Grid vendors are “walking the walk” and demonstrating applications of Smart Grid interoperability of Green Button and demand response (DR) applications. Read more.

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