Calling ConnectivityWeek Hacks

Clasma Events and Cleanweb bring first hackathon to ConnectivityWeek

Green ButtonThe ConnectivityWeek Hackathon is a first-of-its-kind event to bring software developers and Smart Grid experts together to “hack” -- or, develop -- innovative energy applications for consumers over a two-day period.

Inspired by Green Button data and analytics, the hackathon will gather software app developers to solve a series of home-energy-management (HEM) problem sets in a competitive environment.

The hackathon will kick off Tuesday, May 22, at ConnectivityWeek, giving the hackers two full days to innovate. Applications will be judged, and winners will be selected, during the conference’s Thursday-afternoon closing plenary session. 

Hackathon Prizes!

Cleanweb and ConnectivityWeek are happy to announce prizes to the first ever Hackathon at ConnectivityWeek May/22-24 in Santa Clara. Winners will be decided by the esteemed panel of judges.

Dinner with judges
Selected winners will be invited to spend a couple of hours over dinner with one of the judges of the Hackathon. As leaders in energy and software industry, the winners will gain enormous input from this interaction.
Cash prizes
Selected winners will be awarded one of two cash prizes, specific details will be announced at the Hackathon kick-off on Tuesday evening May/22
Buildy award
One of the series of awards that have been given out to leaders in the Smart Grid space over the past few years, Hackathon recipients to the Buildy will join a truly elite lineup.
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How you can participate

The Cleanweb Hackathon at ConnectivityWeek is a unique opportunity for software developers to get on the ground floor and explore innovation around the clean energy system of tomorrow.

Be part of the Hackathon

Software developers should consider attending the Hackathon by registering today.

Come see the Hackathon

Attendees at ConnectivityWeek will see first hand how software applications can today be created around data made available from numerous sources including Green Button energy consumption streams.

About Cleanweb Hackathon

Co-founded by Blake Burris, Dynamo Labs and Sunil Paul, Spring Ventures, Cleanweb Hackathon is the brainchild of industry leaders in the cleantech and infotech spaces seeking to accelerate the innovation and commercialization of cleanweb applications and raise awareness of the growing trend. During these weekend-long competitions in key markets, developers, designers, and business professionals dedicated to optimizing resource use and driving cleantech development come together to create new web applications that address current energy and resource challenges.

See the Schedule for the Hackathon at ConnectivityWeek here.