Applying Energy 2.0 to the Grid

Smart Grid is inherently the application of Energy 2.0 -- or information and communications technology (ICT) -- to the grid to enable key benefits, including improved electric reliability, increased efficiency, renewable and electric vehicle integration, and consumer empowerment.

Focused on the Smart Grid, the GridWise Expo at ConnectivityWeek is organized in partnership with the GridWise Architecture Council, to explore the technologies, standards, and policy/regulatory issues and opportunities for realizing the benefits of Energy 2.0 for utility customers (aka energy consumers).

The GridWise Expo will cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Interoperability with an extension of the Grid-Interop Plug-In -- a real-world show-and-tell of interoperability in action.
  • Cyber security: how utilities are applying measure to secure the grid today.
  • Policy & regulation.

Smart Grid Sessions

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Green Button Sessions

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Cyber Security Sessions

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