Energy 2.0

As Energy 2.0 emerges, Let's all help define the market

In a world with skyrocketing energy costs, a lack of clean energy supply, and an increasingly information-rich society, a market is born.

The market is Energy 2.0 -- inevitable, but not yet defined.

Energy 2.0 has potential to provide abundant, clean, affordable energy, resulting from the delivery of real-time automation and analytics across the energy supply chain. But this is only possible with collaboration among technology innovators, energy consumers, electricity suppliers (utilities), and government organizations.

ConnectivityWeek 2012 calls these parties to the table for a collaborative and action-packed event that will define the market for Energy 2.0.

ConnectivityWeek Delivers

ConnectivityWeek provides a uniquely-inclusive forum that brings together energy suppliers, consumers, technology companies, and government to explore critical market-defining Energy 2.0 topics – focused on how the connectivity of smart sensors, devices and systems can:

  • empower all energy consumers;
  • optimize distributed generation and renewable energy;
  • shave peak demand and improve grid efficiency;
  • integrate electric vehicles;
  • and more. See the complete agenda, by topic.

New for 2012!

This year, Clasma is delivering the most action-packed ConnectivityWeek yet. From real-time coding of consumer energy “apps”, to a trifecta of Green Button activities and the second interoperability Plug-In, ConnectivityWeek 2012 is defining the Energy 2.0 market. Here’s what’s new:

  • ConnectivityWeek Plug-In
  • ConnectivityWeek Hackathon
  • A Trifecta of Green Button activities

Four stakeholder groups, all gathering at ConnectivityWeek

The four major stakeholder groups involved in the creation of Energy 2.0 are gathering at ConnectivityWeek 2012. They are represented by the four areas listed below.

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