Energy Demand (end-users)

Energy prices are skyrocketing in the U.S. and around the world. For residential consumers in the U.S., electricity costs eat up a greater share of after-tax dollars than at any point since 1996 -- about $1.50 per every $100, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Some states are hit particularly hard -- like California, where rates increase approximately 7 percent annually.

For commercial and industrial consumers, energy bills make up a large percentage of operating expenditures, particularly demand-related charges. In fact, demand charges represent on average 30 to 70 percent of the total electric bill for commercial customers.

As energy-management and information technology develops rapidly, and the need for energy efficiency and controls continues to accelerate, the Energy 2.0 market will become even stronger and more important. Consumers will become “prosumers” -- actively engaged via demand response (DR), distributed energy production, co-generation, and more.

ConnectivityWeek will explore this evolving role of consumers as Energy 2.0 develops, through:

  • The DR Expo, which will explore the latest developments in DR, including OpenADR -- for all consumer groups;
  • Energy management in icommercial, industrial and residential buildings as part of BuilConn, InfraConn and HomeConn;
  • A look at real-world energy applications developed for consumers during the Cleanweb Hackathon and various Green Button activities;
  • The implications and status of interoperability standards impacting technology development at the ConnectivityWeek Plug-In.