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ConnectivityWeek is a key event focused on applying energy information to achieve efficiency, sustainability, and better overall management across energy end user segments, including commercial buildings, homes, and critical infrastructure. Discussions will also address these key enablers of Energy 2.0:

  • Demand response
  • Utilities and energy suppliers as providers of key information

The event is held at the Santa Clara Convention Center - May 22-24, 2012.

NOTE: This is a common Call-For-Speakers for all ConnectivityWeek topic areas.

ConnectivityWeek is made up of a number of tracks dealing with the issues that make up the landscape of how connectivity will impact the future of energy.

ConnectivityWeek tracks cover topics within the major vertical consumer sectors including commercial buildings, home/residential, industrial and infrastructure. Additional co-located conferences address the enabling technologies and applications necessary for implementing sustainable energy systems as well as critical Smart Grid issues, including privacy, security, and consumer engagement.

Demand Response
Balancing supply and demand in the electric grid is one of the most foundational requirement for an efficient future energy system. Demand response (DR) is the technique to allow energy suppliers to influence demand loads, through economical and technology tools.

We seek speakers who can contribute experience in implementing DR, including Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) in real-world environments.
Green Button
The Green Button initiative has come a long way since it was launched in September 2011 by U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra at GridWeek. With early prototypes shown at the December 2011 Grid-Interop conference in Phoenix, AZ, the concept of utilities providing energy usage information in a standard format is being hailed as a key driver for broad Smart Grid deployment.

We seek speakers who can contribute to the Green Button discussion at ConnectivityWeek 2012, specifically those with experience in creating the components required for Green Button applications.
Home Energy Management
With smart meter deployment accelerating rapidly around the world, utilities and consumers are now searching for even greater value from this connected infrastructure in the areas of HEMs (Home Energy Management Systems). Connecting smart energy consuming devices in the home to create an automated system is one of the fundamentals of HEMS.

We seek speakers who can present new innovative HEMS solutions and services, particularly those creating new value propositions for both utilities and end users (i.e. consumers), alike.
Smart Intelligent Buildings
The concept of smart buildings has been around for many years, with much promised but very little delivered so far. A confluence of circumstances are now in place to make smart buildings a reality -- including advancements in connectivity, great social demand for sustainability, the economic realities of owning and operating buildings, and the advent of the Smart Grid and all its related players, technologies and opportunities.

We seek experts in the smart building space to present leading thoughts, techniques and real-world experiences in implementing smart buildings today.
Standards, Interoperability, and Security
Key to the broad, global implementation of a complex Smart Grid is the adoption of interoperable standards for systems and devices, alike. With considerable work and progress being made in the U.S. by NIST, and around the world by global standards organizations, ConnectivityWeek will focus its discussion on how to apply interoperable standards to create solutions today.

We seek speakers who can talk on practical techniques and best practices to help product and service developers implement innovative solutions now.
Submissions Process

Submission for speakers is sought in the areas identified and listed on this page. All of the areas relate to connectivity of smart grid, smart devices and smart services. A speaker may be suggested in multiple areas if relevant.

To submit a speaker, you need to have an account established on PointView. If you do not have an account, you may create one free of charge. The account may be that of the speaker themselves, or someone representing the speaker.

The submission process will be open Monday, January 9, 2012 to Friday, February 24, 2012. If the suggestion is accepted, the speaker will be notified via email by March 9, 2012.

By submitting a suggestion, the speaker will acknowledge the Speaker Policy outlined on this page.

Speakers will need to register for the conference using our standard registration system. Please register at the link provided below.

Click Here To Register

Speaker Registration Policy

Clasma has a policy to provide a fair registration for speakers to participate at this event.

  • Speakers are provided complimentary registration for the day they are speaking and may purchase additional passes at the Government registration rate displayed on the main registration page in green, click here to view. 
  • Complimentary registration for the whole event is provided for the following speakers: 
    -Keynote & Plenary
    -Track Leaders 
    -Utility Staff 
    -Commercial Building Owners
    -Government employees

Note: speaker passes are non-transferable