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What are the Buildy Awards?

Since 2004, the Buildy Awards have been presented to leaders, visionaries and implementers of smart devices and smart systems in the context of commercial buildings, residential, energy management and other applications.

The 2012 Buildy Awards will acknowledge leaders in the energy-consuming segments that define the scope of where energy is consumed and where Smart Grid, smart buildings, smart homes, smart devices and smart services will play a vital role.

Buildy 2012 Winners will indeed be leaders of Energy 2.0.

Buildy 2012 Categories

Energy Information Innovation
Some say that the opportunities around smart and clean energy will likely be larger than even the Internet. Much of this will revolve around managing energy information for suppliers and consumers, alike.

With a broad range of energy information starting to become available in standardized formats and methods, the time is now to unleash innovative applications to translate this energy information into useful applications and analytics for all stakeholders.

This Buildy will be awarded to the individual or company with the most innovative approach to managing or using energy information.
Demand Response Implementation
Demand Response (DR) is regarded by many as the low-hanging fruit in our move towards a smarted and cleaner energy system. Managing demand of electricity to ensure a balanced system is the cleanest form of energy "generation" -- and is sometimes referred to as the production of "negawatts."

While the concept of DR and demand side management has been around for a while, standards-based methodologies of automated DR (Auto-DR) is only starting to become available as part of the OpenADR initiative.

This Buildy will be awarded to the entity that can show an implementation of Auto-DR using standards-based technologies to deliver value to energy consumers and energy suppliers, alike.
New Industry Initative
In the quickly evolving industries covered at ConnectivityWeek, many associations and consortia are required to interact dynamically and push the envelope of collaboration among their members for the greater common good.

There is nothing like an initiative to drive progress around a clearly defined vision and objective. A strong initiative would motivate the industry forward, catalyze action, and deliver clear results and value to a set group of stakeholders.

This Buildy will be awarded to the organization that has instigated a clearly defined initiative, and executed that initiative toward stated goals in one of the energy-related categories covered at ConnectivityWeek, including: energy management in commercial, industrial or residential facilities; demand response (DR), including automated demand response; consumer engagement and empowerment; and the like.
Connectivity Visionary
Since 2006, ConnectivityWeek has brought together leaders from a wide range of sectors that have a common goal -- to further the role of connected and smart devices in management of energy, facility management, consumer empowerment, security, and other socially relevant energy initiatives.

These conferences and discussions have been driven by leaders who can clearly illustrate and demonstrate the role of smart-device connectivity, and how connectivity can also create business opportunities for technology, product, and service vendors. In this context, we focus not only in physical connectivity of devices, but also -- and perhaps more importantly -- the information connectivity among systems, applications, and consumers.

This Buildy will be awarded to an individual who has, in the past year, shown the visionary leadership to advance the subject of connectivity.
Residential Product
Representing 30% of energy consumption, millions of residential homes provide a significant opportunity for innovative products and services.

The array of services that are used by residential consumers go from energy management to communications (phones), white goods, Internet, entertainment, and security. Will all of these devices be connected together by a single network? Or, will these electronics evolve to be inherently integrated into new classes of smart energy devices?

This Buildy will be awarded to the company that has produced a new and innovative product or service specifically targeted at the residential market, one that will likely change the dynamics of home systems.


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Candidates may enter the competition by nominating themselves, their own company or their peers by completing the online form. Multiple submissions from the same company or individual and for different award categories will be accepted, though not encouraged.

To submit a nomination, you need to have an account established on PointView. If you do not have an account, you may create one free of charge. The account may be that of the nominee, or someone representing the nominee.

Who Can Participate?

  • Industry Professionals

  • Systems Integrators

  • Technology Manufacturers
  • Developers and Facility Owners

  • Consultants and Consulting Engineers

  • Associations and Industry Groups
  • Cities, Districts, Campuses

  • Utilities

What is the selection process?

All nominations will be reviewed by the ConnectivityWeek boards who will select the finalists.

All finalists (except the Connectivity Visionary) will then be invited to participate in the Buildy Face Time on Tuesday afternoon.

A voting mechanism will be made available during ConnectivityWeek in Santa Clara

When will the awards be presented?

The awards presentation will be part of the Thursday Keynote; this will give the award winners high visibility when they receive their awards.

What are the submission details and dates?

Anyone can make a submission and we also accept multiple submissions from the same company. Submissions should be limited to 200 words.

All submissions are made online and is open Thursday, March 15, 2012 to Monday, April 30, 2012.

Finalists will be notified by May 7.

All successful nominees MUST attend ConnectivtyWeek 2012 (minimum - Tuesday for Buildy Face Time and Thursday for the awards presentation) to be eligible to receive an award.

All finalists will be given two full passes at a 50% discount.


For more information please contact