Applying Energy 2.0 to Buildings

As one of the core themes within ConnectivityWeek, BuilConn explores the role of information and communication technology (ICT) -- or Energy 2.0 -- in building automation and energy management systems. When it comes to evolving open systems and the broad use of IP in controls, industry leaders rely on BuilConn as a critical venue to discuss and explore new trends and opportunities in building systems.The latest trend of importance: connecting buildings to the smart grid (B2G) via critical enablers like Demand Response (also see DR-Expo).

BuilConn is focused on how connectivity both within buildings and also between buildings and the grid will improve energy efficiency and mitigate demand charges, while ensuring occupant safety, comfort and overall well-being.

BuilConn topics will include:

  • Demand response
  • Connecting to the cloud
  • Cyber and physical security
  • Building automation and controls

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