Resources APIs                                                                       Resources Datasets is Tendril’s Green Button API. Utility customers load in data and developers can then call it in JSON or XML.

Demographic - AGI and wage income by state  - API to return demographics by coordinates

Microsoft Azure - Demographics datasets


Genability - Real-time, accurate and comprehensive electricity pricing, NA-wide (residential and C&I)

Tendril - Residential energy usage and cost, price programs, device control and messages

Infochimps - Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey

Data.Gov - State level energyuse by major economic sectors, energy production and and State-level energy price and expenditure data. - Linked Government energy datasets - Energy datasets - Commercial Building Energy profile - Electricity generation by State by type of generation, by producer - eGRID documentation  
Environmental performance index - Country-level environmental indicators from Yale.
EPA - EPA US datasets
Microsoft Azure - Environmental datasets


Microsoft Azure - Real Estate datasets - Population density in 2020 - Geodata catalog

General - US govt datasets

UK government - UK govt datasets
ELCD - EU Lifecycle analysis for materials, data, transport and waste
Europe’s public data - Public datasets
AWS - 80 years of weather data
Pachube - RealTime wiring for internet of things
Microsoft Azure - Wolfram Alpha – Query engine



TRUCost - Environmental impact data


SFPark - Real time parking availability and pricing API

Google maps Bike and Walk directions API:Documentation - Green Vehicle Guide provides vehicle ratings based on emissions and fuel economy. - Highway statistics – miles traveled, trip length, drivers and vehicles - Amtrak stations






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