Biography of Terry Mohn

Terry Mohn is CEO of General MicroGrids, an international microgrid consultancy and developer. He also is Managing Partner of CleanSource Energy Partners, LLC, an international renewable energy project developer. He is also Program Director of the Global Microgrid Center (501 c3), a microgrid test and certification center. He recently started the Microgrid Alliance, a non-profit organization based in Washington DC, focused on microgrid advocacy.

He is also the United Nations Foundation MicroGrid Work Group Chairman and presently serves his second three year appointment as the Department of Commerce's federal advisor to NIST in its Smart Grid Federal Advisory Committee.

He has 30 years' experience in large-scale system architecture, business strategy, and technology investment strategy. Terry also is very involved in technology research, funding and commercialization and works closely with major California universities.

Terry is an advisor to the DOE for smart grid and advisor to the California Energy Commission for demand response and emerging technologies.

Terry was previously chief technology strategist for the Sempra Energy utilities, with emphasis on smart grid. He specialized in the application of modern technology for all parts of the utility business. While with Sempra, Terry became a founding member and Vice Chairman of the GridWise Alliance.

Terry was very involved writing and editing the GWAC Framework for Interoperability, EPRI's Intelligrid and Galvin's Electricity Initiative.

Prior to his energy roles, Terry was chief technology officer for an international broadband media company and founder of two Internet companies.